Configure Default Preferences

Users’ default Preferences control the viewing experience, and are generally set up as part of creating the User. At any time, any User can open the Config Module and access these Preferences and make changes. Users can also shortcut to the Preferences page by clicking the user icon at the top of the List Panel and clicking Preferences from the menu.

General Preferences

  • Language: sets the viewport language for the Shared View, with Browser Default as the base option
  • Speed Display: units of measure for speed
  • Fuel Units: units of measure for fuel efficiency (miles, kilometers, gallons, litres)
  • Lat/Lng Format: multiple options including DD, DMS, and UTM
  • Timezone: set the time zone that will be displayed for the position reports

Map Preferences

  • Default Map Mode: choose the interface (Live Mode or History Mode) that viewers will land on when they follow the link
  • Default Map Type: set the visual appearance of the Map
  • Default Timeframe of Available History: set the most recent X amount of time prior to the end of the date range that will display in the History view.

Display options are all check to enable boxes at the bottom of the Map Section. If a green check box is visible, the feature option is on.

  • Group positions on map: if toggled on, when multiple reported positions are near each other, they will be grouped on the map view with a single icon and a number to show how many positions occurred in that area until the user zooms in close enough to separate them.
  • Fade historic positions by time: if toggled on, more recent positions will appear more opaque, and less recent positions will appear more transparent.
  • Remove roads from satellite map: if toggled on, when the user selects a satellite map template, it will not display roads and street name data.
  • Play audio on emergency: if toggled on, whenever an emergency alert comes to the portal, it will play a sound.