Vulcan Scale

Entering Test Mode

  • On power up as soon as you see the version number, quickly press the power button again to switch to test mode.
  • Press the cycle button to go to test mode 6.
  • Press the down arrow. The dots moving across the screen show it is outputting data.
  • Press and hold cycle till the zero starts to flash and then up or down to dial in a weight for channel A.
  • Press the cycle button again to move to channel B where you can again dial in the weight using the up and down arrows.
  • Press cycle a final time to exit the enter weight mode.
  • Finally, press menu to enter the “PP GPS” mode.

Updating Program Mode

  • Press PWR/MENU button to turn on the meter
  • After the meter has completed its startup routine and is running, press the PWR/MENU button to enter the program menu.
  • Press the CYCLE button to go through the different programming options.
  • Press the CYCLE button until PROGRAM PORT (“PP”) appears on the screen.
  • Use the UP or DOWN button to choose “PP GPS”.
  • Press the CYCLE or PWR/MENU button to store the serial output format selected. Press the CYCLE button to advance to the next programming function. Press the PWR/MENU button to return to normal weight display mode.