Assets in the portal are represented with their Icons in the map view. Icons are available in a number of sets and colors, and the option for custom icons exists with higher tiers of platform service. Users choose the Asset icon during the Add Asset process, and can change it at any time by opening the Edit Asset menu in the Main section.

Icon Sets

Basic/Default Set

The basic legacy set of icons includes 8 default icons with 18 color options. The default set of icons includes the most common asset types in the portal:

  • Point
  • Person
  • Car
  • Truck
  • Plane
  • Helicopter
  • Sailboat
  • Large boat

Globalstar Set

The Globalstar icon set includes 8 different options which represent the device types users can add to the portal.

Outdoors Set

The Outdoors icon set includes 16 different options which represent a number of more popular outdoor activity and recreational assets.

Shapes Set

The Shapes icon set includes 7 different basic geometric figures.

Vehicles Set

The largest set in the portal, the Vehicles icon set includes 25 different options that represent various light and heavy vehicle and vessel types.

Custom Icons - Upload Icon

Icon files must be PNG files and the icon must be 18 pixels square.

Icon Symbols

  • Alert Triggered
  • Begin
  • Check In/OK
  • Driver Login
  • Driver Login Failed
  • Driver Logout
  • Emergency
  • End
  • Enter Fence
  • Exit Fence
  • Fatigue Image
  • Image Response
  • Low Battery
  • Quick Message
  • Refuel
  • Reset
  • Service Meter
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Stop ETA
  • Stop Status
  • Text Message