Sorting and Search

The ability to quickly prioritize the most important data and Assets in a data ecosystem is a critically important aspect of any data visualization platform. In addition to applying Filters (see article), users have the ability to Sort and Search Assets and Events from the List Panel and from the Details Panel.


Search boxes appear in the List Panel on all map view pages. Users can search items in the List Panel for terms that appear in any of the following fields, attributes, and metadata.

  • Name
  • Description
  • Device Manufacturer
  • Device Model

Users can also search through the Activity Logs in the Details Panel under each of the notification tabs.

  • Address
  • Lat/Lng
  • Time/Date

Anytime a user searches, the list of viewable items will dynamically update to include only those which contain the search term. Each additional character will narrow the search further.


In the List Panel, users can sort Objects ascending or descending by any of the following values. Sorting options can always be found in the Dot Menu .

  • Alphabetical: sorts alphabetically by object name
  • Color: sorts by the color attribute assigned to the object
  • Device: sorts by the device name
  • Manufacturer: sorts by the device manufacturer’s name
  • Custom: the custom sort orders the items in the List Panel however the user chooses to order it. Objects have a drag and drop quality that allows users to move them up and down as they choose.

Users will also find sorting in the Details Panel for Assets, where they will be able to sort notifications in each tab by the date and time of the event.