The visibility feature is represented throughout the portal with the Eyeball icon, and serves to show/hide any element where it can be used. Typically displayed inline with the name of the object or item to be toggled, the visibility icon has a few different options with different meanings.

  • Visible (toggled on) - the object can be viewed on the map view and anywhere else that it might display in the portal
  • Not Visible (toggled off) - the object will not be displayed except in the List Panel
  • Partially Visible - seen mostly on Group headers, indicates that some items in the Group are visible while others are not

Visibility is available for use with the following objects.

  • Assets
  • Groups
  • Places
  • Geofences
  • Journeys
  • Trips

Using Visibility with Data Points

Individual position events can be hidden from view using the eyeball icon found in the details panel for the Asset that reported the position. When hiden, they will not display on the map view, but their data will still be present in reports and other data export items unless explicitly excluded.