VDO Fuel Monitor


Pin Color Notes Required
5 Green Output sensor Hi (to level sensor) Mandatory
6 Blue Input sensor Hi (to tank) Mandatory
7 Brown Analog output Mandatory
8 Red Permanent +12/24V Mandatory
9 Black Ground Mandatory
10 Violet + Ignition or Truck speed Mandatory
12 Yellow Output sensor Lo (to level sensor) Mandatory
13 White Input sensor Lo (to tank) Mandatory
14 Grey Siren output 600 mA @ 32V Optional

How to configure

  2. Plug in the USB programming pod, it will power the unit for programming
  3. Start the Vegasoil software and set the COM port
  4. Press the reset button on the programming pod and immediately click “Connect” in Vegasoil
  5. Press “Query” to read the configuration from the terminal
  6. Ensure the latest firmware version is loaded (v4.2) or else update the firmware with the attached firmware using the Menu > Firmware Update menu
  7. Set the tank profile through the Tank Profile > Change menu
  8. Ensure the output is set to 10V
  9. Follow the attached PDF guide on how to configure the terminal
  10. !!! DISCONNECT THE USB POD !!! THE UNIT AND OUTPUTS WILL NOT FUNCTION WHILE USB IS CONNECTED. You must fully disconnect the USB pod for the unit to power up and begin functioning
  11. Once the unit is properly wired, the Brown wire is the output reference voltage to connect to the tracking device. It will need to be connected to an analog input of a tracking device.