Canned Messages and Groups

Canned Message Groups

Canned Message Groups are containers in the portal that allow users to maintain a list of Canned Messages particular devices can use to send messages or other status information. Canned Messages and Canned Message Groups are specialized features supported by specific device types and manufacturers (NAL Shout, for example), and will be unavailable as a feature set for unsupported devices.

Canned Message Groups themselves have no attributes or features except for their names and the ability to be assigned to and made available to devices that can access them.

Canned Messages

Canned Messages are templated to contain standard information, usually status updates, enquiries, check-ins, and emergency notifications and response.

Canned Message Fields

Canned Message Group: All Canned Messages must have a container Group Index: Canned Messages have an Index value, which must be unique within its group, that will be used to identify the message from a list of saved Canned Messages within the group Label: The Label is the name of the message that will appear in the UI Message: The Message is the text that will display when the message has been sent NAL Shout Short Code: (specific to NAL devices) numerical value 30-99 that indicates the Canned Message order, and allows device users to send a message using only the numerical value.

How to Create Canned Messages and Canned Message Groups

  1. Open the Add Item (+ sign) Module
  2. Select Add Canned Message Group from the list (you must have at least one Canned Message Group before you can make Canned Messages)
  3. Name the Canned Message Group and click Create Canned Message Group
  4. Open the Add Item (+ sign) Module
  5. Select Add Canned Message from the list
  6. Select the Canned Message Group to which the Canned Message will be added from the drop-down menu
  7. Assign the Index value (must be different from other Canned Messages in the same Group)
  8. Fill in remaining fields and click Create Canned Message

Managing and Deleting Canned Messages and Canned Message Groups

Canned Messages and Canned Message Groups can be created, edited, and deleted from the Manage Module.

  1. Open the Manage Module
  2. Select Canned Message Groups or Canned Messages
  3. Make any desired changes from the interface

Manage Module - Canned Message Groups

The Manage Module content for Canned Messages Groups gives users the ability to Add Canned Message Groups edit existing Canned Message Groups, or delete existing Canned Message Groups.

Manage Module - Canned Messages

The Manage Module for Canned Messages gives users the ability to Add Canned Messages, edit existing Canned Messages, or delete existing Canned Messages. Propoerties of each Canned Message will be displayed in the interface, making it easier for users to identify the Canned Message(s) they need to manage.