IsatData Pro (IDP)

IDP Overview

  • Requires having an active IDP account
  • Optionally provision IDP account for Automated Provisioning Interface (VAPP)
  • Setup new Gateway on portal (under Settings>Gateway) using IDP gateway credentials
  • Add terminals to portal and activate them on IDP gateway

IDP Signup Process

  • Contact an IDP Airtime Provider
  • Sign contract
  • Credentials will be submitted to SkyWave via Electronic Form to create a new SPID (Solution Provider ID)
  • Once SPID is active, a Gateway ID request is generated via Electronic Form to SkyWave to link up airtime packages
  • If device activation/deactivation via the portal is desired, a request must be submitted to SkyWave via Electronic Form to enable the Automated Provisioning Interface (VAPP) and Active/Deactive/Move/Transfer Mobile rights for new contact
  • The relevant Access ID and Password for the created Gateway will be supplied that will then need to be entered on the portal (under Settings>Gateway)

Activating/Deactivating a Terminal

  • Option 1 - Manual
    • If the automated provisioning interface was not setup, then the IDP service provider will need to activate/deactivate the terminal manually using the site.
  • Option 2 - Portal Assist
    • Use the Activate/Deactivate Asset buttons under the asset’s Edit Config screen.

Device Information

For additional information on specific device configurations, please refer to the Skywave page.