The portal supports internationalization and localization features, and has a number of dedicated translations for all portal feature sets. Apart from browser-based translations and adjustments, users can set their preferred language from the Config Module.

Language adaptations are critically important pieces of the ecosystem and represent a commitment to a globally available solution. Relying on automated translations for technical products with language that has a nuanced level of precision is insufficient for the SatCom industry. As such, the entire portal has been manually translated into the following languages in accordance with localization requirements that a number of our clients depend on for success. Telematics ecosystems are not the place for errors that come from language-based misconceptions.

In Config, users will see the Preferences option, where available Languages will be available in a drop-down menu for selection. Currently, the portal supports the following translation options:

  • Browser default - this allows the browser’s translation to override languages settings
  • Language - English
  • Language - English UK
  • Language - Spanish
  • Language - French
  • Language - German
  • Language - Italian
  • Language - Japanese
  • Language - Portuguese
  • Language - Russian
  • Language - Vietnamese