Iridium Go!


Tracking can be configured via the Iridium GO! application on your smartphone. From within the app, go to the Iridium GO! application Settings, select Track, set the Tracking Frequency and add go@{ShortDomain} as the Tracking Recipient.

To support Check-In/OK events, you can configure your GO!’s Quick GPS Recipient to go-checkin@{ShortDomain}.

Alternatively, the GO! can be configured for tracking without installing the application by visiting its “Advanced Features” web portal. The Iridium GO! device contains an internal portal which can be used to modify device settings through your laptop or computer. To access the portal connect to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi via your laptop or computer, open an internet browser and enter in the address bar. Press Enter on your keyboard, and login with an administrator account (by default “guest”).

Once logged in, click the “Location Options” tab at the top. Enter go@{ShortDomain} under the Tracking Recipient section. A Tracking Frequency must also be selected. Click Save to commit your changes.

Note that Iridium GO! devices must be added to the platform with their phone number and not their IMEI. The phone # will be the Iridium # in the format of 881#########.