Asset Types

The portal supports a number of different types of Assets, and is capable of gathering data from each of the following sources.


Automatic Identification System (AIS) uses transponders on ships and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) to supplement maritime radar in the administration of collision avoidance systems. There are a number of different types of AIS terminals, including many that are also Satellite terminals. The portal supports the ingestion and display of AIS data and messages.


Cellular devices use familiar terrestrial networks, and in the portal, are traditionally added according to their operating system.


National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) formatted GPS data exists to allow users to mix and match their hardware systems, and as such, the portal can parse the formatted data just as it would any other GPS information.


Satellite devices are the most commonly used with the portal, and it is capable of acquiring data from devices on any network. There is a comprehensive list of supported devices available here. The portal was developed to support satellite terminals, and allow people with devices from multiple suppliers and on multiple networks to view all of their ecosystem in a single location.

Mobile Device (WiFi)

Mobile devices, like those with iOS and Android operating systems, can send data to the portal as well, even if they don’t have a cellular connection. As long as they have an active WiFi connection, they can still send data just as any other device would.


Very High Frequency (VHF) devices are common for maritime purposes, and utilize the 30-300 MHz radio bands. Many AIS devices use the VHF spectrum as well. The most common devices added to the portal using VHF are Feruno devices.