Quick Message Templates

Quick Messages are a device-specific feature supported by a number of Orbcomm/Skywave devices and a connected Garmin screen. It provides managers the ability to initiate communication from the portal to a connected Garmin device using pre-defined messages and/or Lua code. These messages can be configured with the device to perform a number of advanced tasks and functionality, and represent one of the most advanced features in the portal.

Quick Message From: Templates

Quick Message From Mobile Templates are the more powerful of the two because of their ability to trigger other events and features, such as initiating a Fuel Log entry, triggering a Help message, or a slew of custom-programmed options. By default, Quick Message From-mobile Templates fall into a set number of message types, each of which has a corresponding effect on the device and in the portal, especially when paired with Lua code.

Quick Message From: Message Types

  • Basic
    The basic message type is a pre-defined text message. These messages do not trigger any additional activity unless an Alert has been created for Garmin Message > Quick Message.
  • Advanced
    Advanced message types are used in conjunction with a specially developed Lua agent, or a user’s custom Lua code.
  • Help
    Used to trigger the Help protocols and any Help Message Alerts that have been configured in the portal.
  • Refuel
    Used to initiate a refueling log entry in the portal with the position, time, and date, and can be supplemented in the log with the volume of fuel and the odometer reading.
  • Status
    Initiates a Status change in the Assets status in the portal to display the new reported Status.
  • Pause
    Used to update Asset Status to Paused. Updates to Resume when no longer paused.
  • Factory
    Used to reset the Garmin device to factory settings.
  • Response
    Used to send additional text as part of a standard response message.

Quick Message From: Fields

  • Name: to be displayed in the list of Quick Message From: Templates
  • Device: device type associated with the Template
  • Quick Messages
    • Message: text message content
    • Type: see Message Types above
    • Lua Chunk: if a non-basic message, include Lua code in this field

Quick Message To: Templates

Quick Message To Templates are pre-defined text messages sent from the platform to a remote Garmin device. They cannot be configured to do anything except display a text message on the connected GarminCommon Quick Message to Templates that portal users set up are:

  • Status/Check-in Request
  • Contact/Call Request
  • 911: Be Aware of Dangerous Weather
  • 911: Be Aware of Hostile Environment

Quick Message To: Fields

  • Name: to be displayed in the list of Quick Message To: Templates
  • Device: device type associated with the Templates
  • Quick Messages
    • Message: text message content