Interpoint Visuals

On any map view that displays multiple positions for each asset, being able to represent the sequence of those points and track the paths of each individual asset around the map can be extremely valuable for history monitoring. The portal offers a number of options for interpoint visualization, including intelligent summaries, which are described in the Information Panels article.


Portal users have the option to have the software draw lines between consecutive positions and have those lines displayed on the map views in live mode and history mode. Lines between positions fade so that older positions and lines are less prominent than newer ones.

Users have the option to toggle lines between points on or off at the Asset level. To toggle the feature options, click the gear icon next to any asset, then click Edit Asset, and select Settings. From there, choose Yes/No under the Draw Lines Between Positions option.

Snap Lines to Roads

By default, interpoint lines are displayed as a direct line, and does not calculate the route between the two points. Below the Draw Lines Between Positions setting option, users will also find an option to toggle on/off the Snap Lines to Roads feature.

If toggled on, lines between points will be drawn to show the asset moving between two points using the most likely path involving roads. Because devices don’t report their routes, these segments will be the portal’s best calculations in terms of routes, but will help portal managers more accurately visualize how a vehicle likely made it from point to point.

It is important to note that any Asset whose interpoint lines are toggled to snap to roads will cause an increase in processing time for each time it has to be calculated. This can cause long delays when pulling lengthy historical data sets, and can become an issue when large numbers of assets are calculating paths between each of their reported positions, even with a short data period selected.

No Visuals

When toggled off, Assets will not draw lines between points, and users will not be able to view interpoint summaries for those Assets.

Interpoint Summaries

Lines between points calculate averages between them, and users can view this data in Interpoint Summaries. For more information, see the Summary Panel article.