Garmin Forms

Garmin Forms are custom objects in the portal that work with specific devices in the field. Users can employ the Garmin Forms manager in the Manage Module to assist with any custom forms they have created externally, and to create forms from scratch that can be used with their connected Assets. Uploading and Creating custom Garmin Forms can be done directly from the Manage Module for Garmin Forms, and once loaded into the portal, users can assign those forms to Assets at the individual Asset level.

When creating custom Garmin Forms, users can insert a number of different field types:

  • Numeric
    Generic numerical field that includes a number of parameters like minimum value, maximum value, and character limit
  • Text
    Generic text field with the option for a character limit
  • Date
    Generic date field with the option to pull the date info from the device
  • Time
    Generic time field with the option to pull the associated date from the device
  • Multi-select
    List of options that works like a check-box list with static options
  • Single-select
    List of options that works like a drop-down menu with static options
  • Stops
    Allows users to input information about their stops (number, duration)