UL-200 Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Calamp Installation Manual


Protocol Details

Default report rate is 9600/8/N/1

Example report: *XD,205B,00,0000,0032,0000,0000,0260#

Calamp 2xx0 configuration details

Changed S register 134 to 35 (termination character to 35(#) instead of 13 (\n))

Changed S register 141 changed from 0 to 6 to report every 6th message. This will be once per minute as the fuel level is reported every 10 seconds

Changed S register 135 changed from 200 to 36 to send single reports

Changed S register 136 changed from 0 to 1 to ID reports as UL200 reports

Required parts

RS232 Male cable

Calamp Serial Adapter 133337/D3

1x Header 1445022-5

2x Pins 1-794610-1